The High Low 5.0

Chart Automated Sound Helper ~ CASH System

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Trade with the CASH System!

Introducing the High Low 5.0, one of the Chart Automated Sound Helper or CASH System apps found on the app store. The CASH System helps you focus on the important events in the trading session by triggering audio alerts at timely moments.

Even when our minds are too busy with thoughts, details and the chaos of our lives, our ears are still listening. By using another brain channel than our eyes, they have separate access into our minds. Hence sound alerts cut through an overwhelmed mind and help us refocus our attention when and where we need it most.

The High Low 5.0 does just that by triggering sound alerts only for important events such as a new High Of the Day (HOD) or breaking over the premarket high plus a dozen other signals. Try a free trial Of the High Low 5.0 for yourself at

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