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The Hands Up Moment!

Miriam Ruiz of Englewood, N.J., raises her hands in triumph as her bid  won a foreclosed property in Scranton, PA., at a foreclosed home auction run by Real Estate Disposition Corporation at the Javits Center in New York Sunday, March 8, 2009. Left is bidder's assistant Kenny Shirey. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

Fists clenched tight like rocks, they shoot skyward as we jump up and yell YYEEESSSSS!!!!!! Hands straight up over our heads in Triumph! It is a beautiful thing and one of life's greatest experiences ~ The Hands Up Moment!!

Imagine staring at your computer screen as the matrix-like stock market ticks away. Then suddenly you think you see a setup - a good opportunity to get into the game?! Is a tradable and profitable setup forming?!?!? IT IS! Now, just like during a championship match, your senses race as you start to check your indicators and double check what you have practiced so many times before and consider what this particular pattern has shown historically. Does it hold to your expectations? Is it time to pull the trigger and fire, not a video game pulse cannon, but a wad of actual cash? Risk Real Money?!?!

Yes It Is! 

Then You: Push The Button...

The trade is ON and now your eyes are focused much more tightly than on a mere sporting event, this is YOUR MONEY after all! The price slips back but not below your exit trigger, now nerves and those twin demons Greed and Fear start to raise their ugly and loudmouthed heads. Your nerves hold knowing that an exit line is your safety line - assuming you use it to exit… But the price strengthens and starts to climb past your buy in and you are sitting with an unrealized profit - you were right! You may have picked a winner.

But now what?!?!

Fear sits on one shoulder and Greed sits on the other, giving you their arguments to stay in or get out - just like an angel and a devil. They are getting louder as the time passes, so you fight to silence them so you can think and watch the price action. With a low tolerance for risk and a strategy based on quick trades using volatility to your advantage, you make your move!! You take the gains and sell for a profit, returning to cash and suddenly it's over.

You just traded in the Stock Market for a gain! A profit!

You notice your hands have shot skywards, fist clenched! Oh yea!!! That is one intense and long lasting Hands Up Moment!!! One of the Sweetest Moments in a human's life.

fans hands up moment

Money Is Power! How Practice Makes Profits

~ Mastering the Stock Market! Vol I

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